From the Principal’s Desk

Ms. Yasmin Kavina
Ms. Yasmin Kavina

A warm welcome to The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of a vibrant management, a dedicated faculty and a uniquely creative student body.

The Institution provides each student a diverse education that instills in them self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness.

Our efforts in the coming years will be focused on bringing in global educational practices as well as strengthening the bond among the stake holders of the Alexandra family.

Our management strives hard to provide a welcoming, secure and supportive environment in which all are equal and all achievements are celebrated.

An environment that has old world charm and eternal values, yet fitted with modern amenities.

Our teachers encourage students to use their creativity to come up with unique solutions, they also motivate them to achieve not only the highest levels of academics but also excel in interpersonal relationships.

Staying true to our school motto


We ensure that our students set out into the world empowered yet humble and grounded.

Thank you for your interest.
Ms. Yasmin Kavina