An Ode to Alexandra

A tiny school came into being
At Villa Byculla in the year 1863,
The founder, a far-sighted man, a visionary
Was the great reformer, Manockjee Cursetjee.

With 13 girls initially on its roll
The Alexandra Native Girls’ English Institution was its name,
Bringing English education to young girls
It quickly shot to fame!

The flag of knowledge was unfurled
The lamp of learning carried high,
With value-based education developing
The overall personality of the Girl child.

In 1865, the school relocated
To where it stands presently,
A gothic building made of stone
Standing majestically!

150 years have passed since then
The word ‘Native’ dropped from its name,

Carrying on its mission
Its vision & principles remained the same.

In spirit and stature, the school has grown
Children excelling academically with activities galore,
The school has kept up with the times
Could anyone ask for more?

Malkhamb, Abacus, Vedic math
Speech and Drama, Music, Dance,
Guiding, Judo, Smart technology
Everyone here to blossom, is given a chance!

Their characters are moulded
Readying them for life,
Confident ladies they emerge
Excelling in the fields of their choice.

For this, we thank our Alma Mater
Who nurtured us in our growing years,
Our devotion and loyalty we’ll always give
“We love you, Alexandra”… Three cheers!!

written by ‘Mrs. Tafti’