The Alex Literary And Debating Society

The Alex Literary and Debating Society started functioning in 1940 and still continues to be a pillar of this prestigious institution. This society consists of a Secretary and eight members. The students with lot of excitement and zeal participate to bring their house flag flying high. Children are motivated to read books, use their creative skills and improve their vocabulary.

On the spot rounds such as: Word puzzles, Hangman, Riddles, Character Hunt and Characterization helps to enhance the literary abilities of the students. The highlight of the years’ activities is the Annual Pesi Khandalawala Debate. Children argue for the Opposition and Proposition on any current topic. It is an Inter House competition and students participate in this debate with great enthusiasm.

Another important activity is the Society’s notice board which has to be kept alive throughout the term. Members submit literary articles for all to read. A book is maintained by ALDS Secretary keeping all the minutes of various functions throughout the year.

Eco Club

Eco Club aims to create awareness of our environment, ecology and how best can we preserve our environment.

Issues like Global Warming, Population Explosion, Depletion of Ozone layer, Pollution, etc and how best can we help Mother Earth or Save her from these harmful effects are discussed and from time to time charts and other informative material is displayed on the notice boards.

The children are encouraged to plant seeds and take care of the saplings.

Peace Club

Peace Club aims to inculcate in students the good quality of developing peace within themselves and be at peace with everything / everybody around them. This helps to maintain harmony amongst all religions.

Leaders and Freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for National Integration and for maintaining peace in the world are discussed and charts etc are made depicting the lives of such heroes like Gandhiji, Martin Luther King, Mother Teressa etc.

Today NGOs worldwide help to do similar work in individual sections of the society.

Cool Readers Club (Library Club)

Cool Readers Club aims to………….

  1. Inculcate the habit of reading
  2. Encourage young writers
  3. Make charts of different authors and their works and display to give an over-view of what subjects they write on
  4. Encourage all the students to enact any play they have read. This helps the introvert students also to come out and act in groups
  5. Encourage students to write small reviews of the books they read
  6. Read aloud with proper accent and diction

Alex Music Club

The Alex Music Club was started in 2007 with the aim of introducing our children to various musical concepts like recognizing musical notation, learning musical scales, voice training and playing instruments aimed at learning musical rhythm.

We follow the syllabus of the TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC, LONDON. Students are encouraged to appear for the official Trinity College exams, if they wish to do so.

The Club has grown from strength to strength getting a good response from students who not only thoroughly enjoy themselves, but also learn the finer points of music.

Interact Club

Interact Club aims to foster among children the values of good will among the underprivileged and the less fortunate.

Children are made to visit places like the orphanages, old age homes, tribal rural villages, schools for the physically, mentally challenged children, schools for the blind. They interact with them and make them feel loved and wanted.

Children are taught to be observant and careful with respect to issues like cleanliness, saving water and electricity, composting to name a few.

The children are guided and directed to perform their duties well and utilize their potential to the best of their abilities.